500mg SAMADHI Spray/Dropper – Organic Massage Oil


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500mg Samadhi Oil in purple glass dropper bottle. Now also comes with a spray top.

The perfect companion to any massage, our SAMADHI Organic Massage Oil with arnica and chamomile. Let the potent ingredients in this luxurious oil relax your mind, body and soul into a state of meditated bliss. Perfect for localized treatment.

Samadhi, the Eighth Limb of Pantanjali’s Yoga, is a state of consciousness where the mind is still, free from karmic cycles, existing in the present moment of total awareness. In Samadhi, we become one with the universe.

Arnica montana is a homeopathic remedy created from a plant in the sunflower family. It is known for it’s reliability in treating muscle pain, stiffness, bruising and inflammation. It’s pain relieving benefits mainly come from two chemicals found within the plant called helenalin and dihyrdohelenalin.

Roman Chamomile essential oil calms and soothes the mind, body and soul with its pleasantly sweet scent and medicinal properties. Safe enough to use with children, chamomile oil has been known to reduce anxiety, stress, irritability and nervousness. Our roman chamomile oil is from a trusted USA-producer of organic essential oils.

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