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Find Balance with Bentonite Clay

I’ve had a lot of synchronicity lately with discussions around bentonite clay, which usually means energetically that more of us are needing it right now. So let’s discuss! Bentonite clay is quite possibly my favorite natural product for many ailments related to your skin and digestive system. You can use this miracle clay topically and orally. When used topically as a mask, you can remove impurities, increase blood flow, and heal the skin. When taken orally, bentonite clay can alkalize your body, balance gut bacteria and hormones, replenish the body with scarce minerals, and remove heavy metals and toxins! You can even add a bit to your toothpaste for the cleanest mouth you’ve ever felt. For the more adventurous, try an arm pit mask to remove the years of aluminum build up from conventional antiperspirants! 

Bentonite is known for it’s powerful absorption of metals, chemicals, bacteria and toxins. It’s found naturally in nature (imagine that) and can be purchased at many local health food stores such as SproutsJimbo’s and Whole Foods, or online with ethical shops such as There are many brands available, but be sure to do your research. You want a reputable company with a safe sourcing site and operating practices. The brand I currently use and tend to recommend is Aztec Secret.

You may have heard a lot about activated charcoal lately. It’s been popping up on blogs and in beauty products the last few years. Activated charcoal and bentonite clay both absorb toxins and help rid them from the body, but beyond that they are quite different. To begin with, it is not safe to take activated charcoal on a daily basis. It should be used sparingly as it can strip the body of good nutrients and bacteria as well as bad. Bentonite clay is considered safe for more regular use and in contrast replenishes minerals in the body. There are many resources that claim bentonite is able to absorb a more robust array of metals, chemicals and toxins. Please read up on your options and make the best choice for your needs! Everyone is different. 

An important tip to remember is to NOT use metal spoons, bowls or instruments. If bentonite comes in contact with metal, it will deactivate it’s effectiveness, so opt for plastic, wood or glass spoons and bowls.

For the most powerfully purifying face mask you’ve ever used, mix equal parts bentonite clay and apple cider vinegar, stir and apply to skin. As the mask begins to dry, you should feel a distinct suction as the clay pulls out the impurities. Once the mask is dry, remove with warm water. Most of us will have a red or pink face afterwards due to the increased blood flow from the suction action. This is great for healing and will fade after awhile! Enjoy the bentonite glow! It’s a great, natural facial.

When taken orally, I have witnessed bentonite clay cleanse the body of heavy metals and toxic chemicals, reset and alkalize, balance out gut bacteria, and replace nutrients your body needs and typically lacking (magnesium, silica, sodium, calcium, iron, potassium, copper). Many people report reduced acid and re-flux, coupled with improvements in just about every digestive issue. Seriously, go ahead and research the other reviews and testimonials out there. Some professional resources I like are Dr. Axe and Liana Werner-Gray. Most people recommend taking bentonite clay by stirring 1 tablespoon of clay in a glass of water and drinking until you make it to the bottom sediment, leaving the sediment behind. I have a hard time with the murky water, so I opt for filling empty vegetarian gel caps with the clay and swallowing with a giant glass of water. Be sure to take a couple hours away from food and other vitamins and supplements.   

Taking bentonite clay orally has worked better than anything else I’ve tried for clearing up acne and controlling breakouts. Doctors and people will tell you whatever about acne, but the truth is (in my opinion) when your skin has a breakout of any kind, your body isn’t able to successfully rid itself of some type of toxin, so it’s being pushed up and out through your largest organ, the skin. These toxins could be many things, and there could be many reasons they are not making it out effectively.

Do not skip the real work –> You need to figure out what the root causes of your health issues are. While you’re in process, take your clay. 

*Remember gang, I’m not a doctor and the FDA certainly doesn’t approve.

Do you use bentonite or other clays? Which are your favorites? 

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