Sampler Pack Warmer & Diffuser Oils


Wall’s Wonders hand-mixed oil blends are available in 15ml amber glass euro dropper bottles, perfect for oil warmers and oil diffusers. Just add a few drops to the water in your warmer or diffuser and enjoy! Never apply this pure oil to skin.

Sampler Pack contains one 15ml bottle of each Buddha, Ginger and Coffee premium home fragrance.

Buddha- Cool and crisp notes of mint leaves and peppermint, herbal and woody accords. Buddha is infused with natural essential oils, including spearmint, eucalyptus, and armoise oil

Ginger- Spicy ginger spiked with saffron, cardamom and lemongrass. This scent is infused with natural essential oils including ginger and cedar wood.

Coffee- Medium roast coffee with a dash of hazelnut

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